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Prep MBA Review - Alex Leventhal
July 09 | 2013

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I spoke with several friends who went through the admissions process a year prior and all of them emphasized the importance of a strong admissions consultant. After speaking with several, I chose Alex Leventhal based on his creative approach to my story and ability to tie what were seemingly disparate thoughts and events in my life together in a cohesive manner. Coming from a rather traditional background (banking, private equity), presenting myself as a unique candidate was of utmost importance and through Alex’s brainstorming exercises and willingness to work with me 1x1 on idea generation and thinking outside of the box, I was able to not only identify a strong essay MBA purpose, but also become excited about a potential career path post business school.

Alex was extremely helpful throughout the admissions process in its entirety (application strategy, idea generation, timeline setting, essay writing and mock interviews). I did a 6 school package (although only applied to three – start early, lol) and was admitted to two out of three schools and will ultimately be attending my top choice, HBS, in the fall. I very much appreciate Alex’s working cadence and challenging approach. He is not a consultant that will simply tell you what you want to hear. He will respectfully challenge your perspectives and writing style, but in the end the process will yield a very complete application. Alex is very well educated and experienced in his field; he understands how to navigate the MBA admissions process and did a great job in helping me identify and then share less travelled ideas / application stories.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Alex and would recommend him strongly to anyone interested in the MBA application process
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