Worked with Amy at Stacy Blackman
May 18 | 2012

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I worked with Stacy Blackman Consulting and was admitted to 3/5 schools. I also received 2 scholarship offers. My consultant, Amy, was great to work with - she has a great sense of humor and is no bullsh*t. She tells it like it is and helped me put together a far better application than I ever could have on my own. She also irritated me at times when I sent her something that I thought was great and she told me it wasn't. But I needed that feedback and respected her directness and honesty. I sweated a lot working with her - she is demanding and pushed me to bring out my best. The SBC flight test was also an awesome benefit of working with these guys. I think that extra piece of feedback improved my application and gave me a sense of confidence when I submitted. In summary - I am in and have no regrets at all about investing a comparatively small amount of money up front to get it right. I recmmend SBC and already have to many friends, actually.
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