7 Point improvement on verbal
January 06 | 2013

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This review is for:   e-GMAT  e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep | Location:   Online | Taught by:  Rajat Sadana
I wrote my first GMAT on 14th May 2012 and scored 23 points on verbal. The verbal score was so low that it brought the overall score down. I planned to take GMAT again to achieve my dream. I was going through the GMAT club for verbal courses and came across E-GMAT. After going through the free live sessions, I enroll for E-GMAT's verbal live prep.

The course was a game changer. I understood the importance of meaning through online courses by Shradha.
I able to link various grammatical nuances easily after completing SC section.

The CR course is a master class. Rajat is one of the best instructor. The concepts files, application files and methodology taught by Rajat is awesome. I recommend all the GMAT aspirant out there to attain CR online courses by Rajat. The online course is comparable with RON from MGMAT.

Finally, After re-writing the exam I improved my Verbal score from 23 to 30. I still have a long way to go achieve my dream. but at least I have right tools and instructors (from E-Gmat) to make inroads to the destiny.
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