Good course but needs a few improvements
January 24 | 2012

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I purchased the e-gmat SC, CR +Grockit course. At 109$ (with GMAT club discount course). This course is a decent bargain, I have had the opportunity to sit in on a couple Live sessions, these e-gmat folks are quite generous about letting you try the live course as well.
I am almost done with the course, the SC part is excellent. In my humble opinion a tad better than the CR course. There are few typos with both SC and CR modules and the software is a bit buggy at times, so I took one star off for each issue. Additionally, some of the CR passages and SC questions are not very "GMAT like".
I have purchased MGMAT in the past, I feel the e-gmat SC and CR strategy is bit different from MGMAT. You can buy both products if you may, but MGMAT for quant and e-gmat for verbal should be the way to go for non-natives.
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1 Created by stunn3r on July 03, 2013
Hi .. I also want to take SC and CR with Grockit practice course ... but I think its expensive for me. The price you mentioned here is affordable to me but I am not able to find any such coupon on GMATclub or on e-gmat. Please share the code you used ...