E-GMAT SC course gave me a launching pad for 700
January 30 | 2012

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710 GMAT score is a significant improvement from my previous scores - 650 & 650. My verbal score of 38 is a good improvement from my previous verbal score of 34. This time I could confidently solve the sentence correction questions. I am deeply indebted to 'e-GMAT' for this improvement. e-GMAT SC course gave me a launching pad for 700+.

As a non-native English speaker, I found it hard to crack the sentence correction questions. My accuracy was around 60% and how many ever problems I solved from various resources, I wasn't able to improve my accuracy. That's when I came to know about e-GMAT. Barely after a week of studying this course, I could see a significant improvement in my accuracy. The way e-GMAT explains the concepts is refreshingly different and it makes solving sentence correction questions pretty interesting. I was using numerous other resources and everything had somewhat the same approach and some of the questions got repeated across the materials. e-GMAT gave me a solid method to approach the sentence correction questions and I could apply the same method in all types of questions whether simple or difficult. Once I completed the concepts and exercises in the course, I stared solving problems from OG and I could achieve an accuracy level of 80 - 90% every time. I have already recommended e-GMAT course to couple of my friends and would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who is struggling with sentence correction.

The interactive feature of the e-GMAT course is the most interesting feature of the product. It allows to play, pause, rewind, or forward the content. I was bored with traditional paper books as those weren't interesting at all and they all prescribed to mug up the sentence correction rules. But e-GMAT's interactive feature inculcated an interest for sentence correction questions in me and once I completed the course I had the much needed confidence to crack the GMAT sentence correction questions.
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