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May 28 | 2012

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Thanks to e-GMAT, I was able to tremendously improve my score from 640 (q47 v31) to 710 (q49 to v38) - a 7 point improvement in my verbal score from my previous attempt.

I had problems with Sentence correction when I started preparing for my GMAT. I used the manhattan SC guide, but my score did not improve much, even after going through the guide twice. I was not following a systematic approach in solving the problems. But the approach I learnt from the course, in addition to the OG Verbal Review Videos, helped me approach even the tougher problems with confidence. My accuracy was more than 90% in SC in my GMAT Prep tests.

Being from a background in which much of my school education was taught in Tamil, I was able to improve tremendously from the approach and depth the e-GMAT course had to offer. I can surely say that the improvement in score wouldn't have happened without e-GMAT.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their SC skills in a systematic manner.

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