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August 20 | 2012

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I signed up for the sentence correction and critical reasoning sections. It cost $119 for both. I would recommend this course for a non-native speaker but if you are a native speaker of English then I would not recommend it.

E-GMAT can be useful because after each lesson there are quizzes to complete. The quizzes re-enforces the lessons. I am a native speaker and I thought the course would be useful but after using E-GMAT I purchased Aristotle Grail, which was more useful. I did not use the critical reasoning section because I used Powerscores Critical Reasoning book.


• Covers key areas in sentence correction for the GMAT
• Re-enforces the lesson with quizzes
• Can use at your own pace
• Different levels to complete before moving to next one


• Fairly new company
• Found too many errors with the software
• Probably more helpful for non-native speakers (not necessarily a weakness)
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