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October 24 | 2013

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The e-gmat course was a real bliss to me. I was very weak in verbal initially. I thought I was good in grammar as I did my schooling in a decent school in India. But the GMAT verbal is completely different. I used to get only 30-40% and I felt dejected thinking I was unfit for the test. Only then did my husband find about the e-gmat course through GMAT Club. We read a lot of positive reviews about it and so we decided to take a risk and got the full Verbal online package. IT WAS WORTH THE RISK.They helped me crack my fear and helped me improve my verbal score to 80-90%. When my subscription was about to expire, they also helped me extend it. I am really grateful to e-gmat for helping me improve my verbal score. I feel that there is no other better course than e-gmat for verbal.
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