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September 13 | 2013

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Hi guys,

I will start telling you that I am still at the beginning of my preparation, thus I cannot show you any objective results, just personal opinions.

My problem is preparing the GMAT and finishing my bachelor at the same time. That means having little time to prepare, and even less to create or follow a perfect study plan as the ones shown on this website.

Obviously, I don't need a perfect score, but just the minimum requirement for most of the business schools in which I am interested in (around 700).

If you are in my condition, I can assure that the GMAT Tutor could give you a helping hand: following the standard pattern you will see all the arguments you need to prepare for the exam, the graphic interface is nice and the instructors send you feedbacks on your progress.
However, what makes the difference is the simplicity of use: you have just to plan how long each session should take, then push start and learn.
The mobile version is included, helpful whenever you cannot use the pc.


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