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Excellent choice for foreigners
September 27 | 2013

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Since I live outside of the US, It is hard to find a good course for the GMAT (there are just a few prep courses for the GRE). I chose the GMAT Tutor because I have some affinity for the way The Economist explains things in a simple but effective manner that helps me polish my techniques and teaches me a bunch of new ones. I am happy I bought it. The only thing I have to do now is to invest more time in it.

I am improving really fast in the verbal part, as it also helps me improve my English proficiency, so it will save me time when I have to take the TOEFL.

About the numerical and algebraic part: It's been harder as I am learning techniques I didn't use ever before. The application teaches you the adequate techniques and helps you with tips all the time. Moreover, you can always ask a personal tutor who will answer you in a few hours most of the time.

I recommend this Course, especially if you are living outside of the US, your mother language is not English and if it is your first approach to this type of exam.
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