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October 15 | 2013

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No one can teach you all the best strategies as GMAT Tutor does, because there’s no such teacher for all subjects and strategies!! I took Veritas before and there’s no comparison…Veritas’ books still use “old-fashioned” GMAT questions…DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY!!
GMAT Tutor dissected Math & Verbal sections and will not teach you unnecessary stuff.
• Strategy oriented
• Learn by practicing (a lot!)
• Know your weaknesses (and the course will give you lots of questions to fix them)
• Teachers are usually great in only 1 subject, but this virtual tutor is amazing for both
• Created for those who want a really high score…plenty of hard questions
• Questions are done the same way GMAC does, and updated, which most of the materials in the market (including Official Guide) is not that much
• You don’t need to plan studies, the tutor makes everything for you 

• There’s no additional discount as promised for this site
• You CANNOT review what you’ve done, so save screen shots with questions that it will be interesting to review later…nobody memorizes everything that is learned at once and it’s not true that you’ll see similar questions later!!
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