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September 24 | 2013

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Initially, I used to prepare by using another prep-program, but after 5 months and two attempts to overcome the 700 barrier I finally gave up. Several months later I realized that my result (640 and 670) was not enough to be competitive. I gathered all my will and started preparing again. I chose this program because of two major reasons: 1) the reputation of the Economist brand, 2) the score-guaranty option. It is very nice, that you can use your actual (real exam) results as a starting point. The interface of the program is very easy, it just works in the browser window. For the first several days I watched videos, but the tutor explained that watching videos wasn't very interactive, it was like watching TV. A dialogue-style, text-based system is much better, now I agree with that. The system provides information in small portions, after reading a part you are supposed to make a decision and then move further to the next piece of information. It forces you to really think and analyze instead of listening/watching video or scanning the text. So far, I am satisfied with the program, hopefully I will break 700. Time will tell.

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