Great essay review service, little admission consulting
September 10 | 2012

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Poonam did excellent job reviewing the essays and provided goood recommendation to cut the uneccessary words. She also suggested good flow for our story. She completes the work pretty quickly. So if you are using her for eassy review and editing she is great.

But one draw back is that she didn't suggest any advice/strategy that is school specific. I don't believe she was part of any schools admissions committee.
I would recommend her essay review service, but try her service with one essay review to understand her style and then decide if you are willing to go for school packages.

It is always better to test the waters before taking a deep plunge right.

All the very best with your application!
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1 Created by myEssayReview on September 14, 2012
Hello Mohan, Congratulations on getting accepted into Chicago Booth with a 690 GMAT score. It must be a rewarding experience to study at a school that out rightly rejected your application and dismissed your candidacy last year because you worked on your application by yourself. Since Chicago was your dream school, you had no desire to look into any other school and hence the topic of other schools never came into our discussions. Overall, I am so glad that my two weeks of guidance and assistance on your Booth essays helped you realize your much cherished dream. Thank you for recommending me to others. Best wishes, Poonam