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October 17 | 2013

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I signed up with EssaySnark for an Essay Decimator session. I had bought a school guide from EssaySnark prior to writing the essay. The guide is quite detailed and I found it quite useful.

The EssaySnark website is easy to navigate and the queue system they employ to see how far along your service is from completion is very innovative.

My Essay was completely decimated and they made some great reasons why my essays were not up to par. One thing that they did a poor job of is giving direction on how to improve the essays content. After every draft I submit I would get back a decimated essay with what was weak (they are great at this), but I felt lost on how to improve it. I got to the 3rd draft with no idea if I was on the right direction or not since I changed each draft drastically after a decimated review.

If I would do it all over again I would use their full review services from the beginning so they would know my story and when it got time to editing they would have more background they could tap into for content direction. Just using the decimator service, in my opinion, is not recommended. The cost differential is not much different as well so take that into consideration!
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