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GMAT Pill -- Loved it so much!
January 11 | 2012
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Hi--I'm not an active member of GMATClub, but I've actually been a recent student of GMATPill! Honestly, I love it so much that I emailed over a personal testimonial to Zeke because I think he deserves it!

Well, Zeke mentioned this forum to me and asked if I could just copy and paste what I emailed him to this post, so here it is:

Hi Zeke,

Thank you so much for setting up such a good GMAT course!!

Im an international student from HK. A month ago, i had questions on a GMAT Math question. Hence, i googled it. Then, i found your demo GMAT Pill explanation video on that question. After watching the video, i was like WOW. The video is to the point and easy to understand. i was curious what GMAT Pill was. Therefore, i watched all other demo videos. As an international student, i'm struggling with reading and critical reasoning. i am so amazed with Zeke's reading strategies. Hence, i signed up for GMAT Pill.

As a matter of fact, initially, i was hesitant about getting GMAT Pill. Because i had never heard of GMAT Pill. Most people in HK just know Kaplan and Princeton review. MGMAT has just recently come to HK. but MGMAT is so expensive (around hk$7000)!!!! i don't think HK people will spend that much on a GMAT course. Plus, i watched some MGMAT demo videos. Their pace is so slow. i feel like it is a waste of time. GMAT Pill is efficient and effective. GMAT Pill is way cheaper than other courses too. i was thinking if i had to retake GMAT, it would cost US$250. Then why don't I invest the time and money in a course? Plus, GMAT Pill guarantees a 50 point score guarantee.

In fact, at the beginning, i thought about using GMAT Pill for two months and returning it to get my money back. I know i'm just a jerk! but after using GMAT Pill for a month,i really have no reason to return it!! you are so good too!! you always reply my questions within one to two days, even in the weekends. Furthermore, my English has improved significantly in this month. Thanks a lot!! i really appreciate it.

i would definitely recommend GMAT Pill to my HK friends. It works perfect even for international students.

If you want to hear more about my personal experience, feel free to msg me. I'd be happy to help!

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