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I have used many GMAT study guides and I think the GMAT Pill is the best out of all of them. I really liked how the program targets specific question types in both the verbal and math section. I was able to follow the guide question by question and learn the strategy to solving it quickly. When I took the actual GMAT, a lot of those strategies were really helpful. I ended up scoring a 750! When I first took practice tests I scored around 600. So this definitely helped me a lot! I would recommend this to anyone who want to improve their score significantly.

I can't say anyone else who uses the program will get a 700+, but for the amount of time I spent to improve my score this was the most efficient way to tackle the test. I would watch the videos a couple of hours a night and for the most part I didn't have any trouble learning it. The explanations are very straightforward and most importantly it is very easy to go back and forth just in case you get lost. The program breaks each question down into separate videos and this really helped reinforce the strategies. I guess the only suggestion is that if they put a name to the strategy for each question that they go over it would be even easier to remember.

All in all, a terrific program and quite a bargain!

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