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February 28 | 2012
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This review is for: GMAT Pill - 6 Pill Combo Course
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this is the best material for gmat i have ever come across. Hats off to Zeke. The Verbal section alone make my score jump by 100.
I was having tough time improving my SC. My accuracy was highly fluctuating in SC and RC sections. Usually i dont believe in money back kind of offer but I read in Gmatclub that Gmatpill is genuine. So, I thought of giving it a try.
I took the Verbal package.
After watching the SC vedio I felt great comfort in the section. In short it was amazing experience. It worth much more than it costs.
I was not worried for CR. I knew that if I can do good in SC i can save a lot of time for RC. I went through RC section and I like Zeke's idea of cutting fuff. Indeed watching video is very efficient way to learn in very less time. Though i could not invest much time for RC Pill section still it improved my accuracy and saved me some time.

I could score more than 700 finally.

Thank you Zeke

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