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Thank you soo much Zeke!!
March 21 | 2012
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I cannot thank Zeke enough!

I had my exam yesterday and I came out with 710! I did not think this would ever be possible because I was studying GMAT for almost an entire year.

Completely cleared up my confusion regarding all the verb tenses.

Every other material I used - OG/Kaplan/MGMAT - made it really hard for me to understand all the verb tenses. I still don't know what subjunctive is. Or what this phrase or that phrase is.

But I am able to pick the right answer without knowing all that stuff. And my score shows it!

But with GMAT Pill, somehow I got it. Maybe it's taught so that dumb people like me can actually understand things in a way that others can't. It could be because I got more and more used to the material, but one thing's for sure: I'm super glad I signed up.

I was trolling around various forums and reading other reviews. Everybody said good things about GMAT Pill. I figured there's GOT to be some negatives.

Well, there are. Let me point them out first:
- The interface is not super clean. They could probably hire some UI designers and make the site look really pretty. If you tend to judge things by their physical outward appearance, this is a point to note.

-You need a reliable internet connection. This was not a problem for me, but I would imagine people who plan to study at the local starbucks where the internet might be shaky - you should probably just stay at home and use your home internet--or even your work computer.

But there were so many more pros:

- sooo much easier to understand than all the MGMAT/Kaplan books I was using. Also much better than reading through all the forum threads in terms of time efficiency.

- most videos viewable on iPad on the go. This was helpful as I was commuting on the train. With WiFi access, I was able to watch the videos in the morning and on the way back home. I say "most videos" because the remaining ones you need to use a real computer to watch the videos.

- Zeke boils down all the SC questions into core frameworks. With the right mindset, you can actually kind of guess what you're being tested on if you can identify the sentence structure/framework upfront. This helped a lot. Coming into each question, I had a plan of attack. Before, I would just stare at it and just kind of haphazardly go about it without getting anywhere. But now I have an attack strategy.

--Lots more that I probably can't think about right now.

Anyway, I hope this review is helpful. I normally don't take my time to do this, but I really do feel Zeke has done a really good job and wanted to help him back for helping me.

I would consider coming back to GMATPill for essay editing help. I don't need it right now, but perhaps in a few months.

Good luck, everyone!

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Created by GMATPill

May 06, 2013

We appreciate your thoughts!

Just a note that we've now upgraded our entire course interface so it's super slick and easy to use.

We also have mobile apps - iPhone/Android/iPad - to make it even easier to interact with our course material.

So on top of all the good points that Alexis mentioned, we've gone the extra mile in all dimensions.

To see what we mean, take a look at this PDF that shows screenshots of what's inside GMAT Pill:
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