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I would like to take this opportunity to thank GMAT Pill for helping me getting into Wharton. I learned about GMAT Pill when I was looking for good strategies to improve my reading comprehension section. GMAT Pill absolutely teaches you the best RC strategy among all of the coureses out there. I was able to accurately answer the majority of questions within a very short period of time using GMAT Pill's RC strategy. With a looming GMAT deadline coming, I was able to significantly improve my GMAT score from 640 to 690 in less than 2 weeks and got into Wharton with this score. I have tried multiple GMAT courses, including Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan, Knewton, etc. GMAT Pill definitely stands out, teaches you through an efficient way of thinking and giving you an opportunity to significantly improve your GMAT score in a limited amount of time. I highly recommened GMAT Pill to anyone who is seriously considering getting into a top business schools. I believe this is the course that offers the best value at the best price!

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Created by 61chad

May 11, 2012

I thought you had to wait 30 days to take the GMAT. This person stated that he improved his score by 50 in 2 weeks.

My intent is not to sharp shoot, I just want to see if I am missing something.

Created by GMATPill

July 25, 2012

Hi 61chad,

This student only took the GMAT once. The "improvement" is relative to a practice test she took after studying on her own.

She signed up for GMAT Pill less than 2 weeks before her actual exam and made the improvement she describes above.

You can read more about this student's experience here along with a screenshot of her email to GMAT Pill.
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