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I sent this email to Zeke thanking him for the major upgrade to the Critical Reasoning Pill.

I had been bugging GMAT Pill to release it sooner - and they did - but more a week!

He asked if I could post what I emailed to him here so I copy and pasted!


Hello Zeke!

Thank you so much for rushing it out! The Table Top Frameworks for Critical Reasoning came at the PERFECT time! I am 90% through it!

The new upgraded section is just AWESOME!

Now i can visualize in my mind and as what you said, 'package' it into the Table-Top Framework!

Zeke, you are a GENIUS!

You know, there have been many instances where i just couldnt understand the OG explanation, for example- The Vernland TV Assemblers [A depends on what assumption type of question].
When i applied the concept you put across, everything just clicks into place now!

My task now is to apply whatever you taught in this new section onto questions, and if my memory doesnt fail me, whatever that you have covered is quite a good representative of the types of questions that i have seen so far in the OG!

This upgrade really BOOSTED my confidence now, since CR is the last section that i am reviewing for Verbal!

I am looking forward to future upgrades in Quant pills! Are there any?? ;)

Woohoo!!! V45 Q50 Here i come!!!


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