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September 18 | 2012
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This review is for: GMAT Pill - 6 Pill Combo Course
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I got 680 (Q48/V35) in a previous attempt. I had referred to MGMAT and Veritas Prep books. The methods in their books did not work well enough for me. I could not understand why I was consistently scoring 30-35 in verbal (I am a non-native speaker). After the test I thought of taking an online course.

I looked at sample videos by GMAT Pill and was hooked. Immediately I signed up for the full course using GMAT Club discount link.

I took the test today and scored 720 (49Q/40V).

Following is my pill-by-pill feedback:

Overall Experience:
Zeke has a very compassionate voice and a wonderful way of breaking down problems into understandable bits.

Verbal General:
Zeke teaches you not only how to pick correct answers, but also how to read the questions. You won't find any prep company teaching you the RIGHT way of reading a question. I used to run out of time in Verbal. With Zeke's method of cutting out the fluff, you save a lot of time and you can't go wrong.

The best part of this course is instant feedback. It is recommended that you pause the video and solve the examples yourself before watching rest of the video. Have you ever found that you could narrow down to 2 answer choices, but always picked the wrong one??? Happened with me all the time. While watching GMAT Pill verbal videos, if you attempt the question before watching the solution, you will find out the gaps in your thinking process, chinks in your armor, and will be able to fix them with practice. You need to know where you are going wrong before you can fix the issue. This is where I benefited a lot from GMAT Pill.

SC Pill:
Since SC is the most improvable portion of GMAT Verbal, I decided to begin with SC Pill. This pill has over 5 hours of videos broken down into 10 frameworks, 17 600-level questions and 18 700-level questions. The approach of GMAT Pill to SC is unlike all the other prep companies. Zeke distills the entire theory of SC in 10 easy-to-understand frameworks. I watched each framework video at least 3-4 times. Learn the frameworks well and there won't be any SC question that cannot be solved by applying one of those frameworks. The 600 and 700-level questions are well explained. The most important take-away from watching Zeke solve the question in front of you, on the screen, is the entire Thought Process.

CR Pill:
This was the 2nd pill I took. This pill has over 5 hours of videos broken down into frameworks, flashcards, 14 600-level questions and 15 700-level questions. The frameworks and flashcards make you understand the approach towards solving a CR question without tedious methods like writing down on scratch pad and what not. I found methods of MGMAT and Veritas Prep tedious and boring. With GMAT Pill method, you will take active interest in the CR questions.

RC Pill:
This is a monster. 23 passages covered in 11 hours! Now RC is the most difficult skill to master in verbal. I believe my level didn't improve much by reading strategy guides on RC. What made an impact was the 'Connect the Dots' framework. Watch the RC Pill framework video, and you will never read any passage the old way again. Its incredible how much precious time you can save on the GMAT by following Zeke's method. No more jotting down points on scratch pad. Seriously, do u really need to read the entire passage? On top of that, do you really need to write down brief outline of each para?? The answer is an emphatic NO. Has it ever happened to you that you read an entire passage only to find that all the questions could be answered from the 1st or 2nd para? Do you get frustrated over the time that you wasted reading the entire passage and jotting down points mindlessly, when you could have better utilized the time - and not have to guess on the next question because you were running out of time??? Follow Zeke's advice and you will surely improve.

Quant General:
I had already scored 48 in quant and did not have any inclination to study quant further. This was because I was studying math after 10 years and was fed up of the high-school approach in prep company books. You don't need to remember a gazillion formulas and percentages and shortcuts and everything in between. I improved in quant by 1 point: nothing spectacular, but consider this - I did not touch quant till last week or so, after my fist exam in May. I was afraid I would loose out on quant but that didn't happen.

PS Pill:
Everything you need to know about PS covered in 5 hours of videos. Even here, pay attention to how Zeke solves problems using plain simple logic rather than using complex formulas. It was a breath of fresh air. I did not even refer my old notes from MGMAT and Veritas books (I had plenty of them - almost 150 pages). You are not getting scored for steps you take in solving quant problems. Answer is what matter. On the GMAT I solved most questions without having to write complex calculation steps.

DS Pill:
This pill has over 5 hours of videos broken down into frameworks, flashcards, 12 600-level questions and 19 700-level questions. The frameworks are useful for PS too. The pill changed the way I approached a few type of DS problems. I was confident of solving tricky DS problems after watching these videos.

Final Thoughts:
I am glad that I found GMAT Pill, that too at a great discount here. You can't study a computer based test using books alone. No other course will tell improve your thinking process as much as GMAT Pill. I hope this course will put all the scum prep companies out of business.

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