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I have to thank Zeke and the team for a good job on their videos. As an investment banker, the resources that GMATPill provided helped me do well on the exam given the time constraints I have as a banker. I was able to fit in some video tutoring during the workday. I wouldn't even call it tutoring as I'm pretty capable myself and like to self-study. It's just that understanding the explanations and what makes something really right vs really wrong is a level of depth that I can't get simply by doing 1000s of practice questions.

I made use of the mobile app - there really was no need to download and store the videos on my phone. Simply not enough space. Viewing them and then going through the videos in wifi zone were good enough for me to make progress. I used it conveniently to browse through practice questions on my commute.

Anyway, I improved a lot especially DS - I had trouble understanding this question type and the videos really solidified it for me. Verbal was good too - some interesting strategies that helped for RC, SC frameworks, and CR table-top was something new for me. Big improvement from my first practice test - i literally freaked out when I first saw my mock test score.

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