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March 30 | 2013
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This review is for: GMAT Pill - 6 Pill Combo Course
Location: Online

After taking Gmat Exam, I scored very low. Unsatisfied, I retook the exam and put in more time and effort studying. When I received my second scores they slightly improved but I was still not happy with the score that I have received. I was very frustrated with the resources that I have been using. I researched online, visited numerous forums such as Gmat Club to see what other methods and approaches to taking the exam. I came across many quality reviews about Gmat Pill. I instantly went to their website. I took a look at their free sample videos and guides and immediately everything clicked in my head from RC to Quant.

Retaking the exam for the third time, I saw results and drastic improvements in all areas. The methods and processes the Zeke teaches actually works. I was floored and am very grateful for what Zeke has done and brought to the community. He is my GMat Whisper.

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