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This review is for: GMAT Pill - 6 Pill Combo Course
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On November 17 I got a 650 - decent, but not good enough for the schools I wanted - Columbia, NYU, UCLA...

Application deadlines were tight and I needed to improve quickly. I immediately looked around and heard so many good things about GMAT Pill - I just had to try it. And I'm so glad I did!

Because on December 20, (you have to schedule your exam at least 1 month after your previous take) I broke 700 with a 720. Interestingly, my verbal went all the way up to the 97th percentile to V44.

My quant improved as well. I was pretty bad at first with Q39 (48th percentile) - which is the main reason for my retake. This time I went from Q39 to Q45. Considering I am pretty bad with math - this is a monstrous move up for me.

I could not have made that leap from 650 to 720 without GMAT Pill - so I really have to take a moment to show my thanks.

Some insights:

* I was already decent with verbal - but somehow the GMAT Pill videos put me on steroids. It just made me that much quicker and confident.

* The concepts, frameworks, and practice questions were organized and easy to access. There were PDf downloads for each section and some included some really impressive lessons. These handouts were helpful for review purposes.

Even after studying the MGMAT SC book - I learned a ton of little tidbits that were actually more useful for exam purposes. GMAT Pill really focuses on only the most important elements, rather than drowning you out with all kinds of fancy details that don't matter in the end.

* RC Pill pointed out some really revolutionary ways of reading passages efficiently. I was already decent before, but RC Pill really did it for me. I'd say this is the part that was probably most responsible for my push up to 97th percentile verbal.

* They don't just teach you rules or concepts.

GMAT Pill is really good at SHOWING - and not just telling. I thought this made all the difference in the world.

As Zeke says - it's all about the "thought process" - this is where audio/visual stimulation beats boring books.

* I have to say the Practice Pill Platform is a world-class platform. It's basically a separate part of the site that contains hundreds and hundreds of questions all categorized by how many other people got it right/wrong, what your response was, and all those stats.

And it was just exciting to see all kinds of other students there - you can see which users chose which answers for a particular question. There are people from India, Thailand, Jamaica, US, etc - it's crazy.

Each question appears just as it would on the actual exam - except you can click "show answer" to see the GMAT Pill video explanation. And you can also post your question below it. You can also see what other student questions are and what previous responses to those questions are. So in that way, you can learn from other people's mistakes.

* I was amazed by the clarity of the quant instruction. They covered every little detail from all kinds of number sequences, exponents, and even OG video explanations. All of these concepts are organized and subdivided in the PS Pill page.

* Zeke did math on the screen almost as if he were my private tutor - just online. It was very helpful to see what exactly Zeke would write down on a scratch pad - as he does the math. This helps me understand what I need to write down and what I need to or do not need to calculate. This is exactly what I needed for quant.

* I did find the iPad app to be immensely useful as it made the learning experience that much more enjoyable! So be sure to make use of it. I didn't hear much about it before - so thought it's worth pointing out.

I'm proud to be a student of this whole online learning revolution and I do have to say GMAT Pill is the best I've seen or heard about.

Stick to the Stanford guy - GMAT Pill is the way to go!

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