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May 16 | 2012

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To me, what I found most beneficial about the GMAT Pill study method was the fact that:

1) It was video based

2) Strategies really made sense to me after watching videos (SC Frameworks and reading strategy and visualization for CR). Breaking things down in quant was also helpful - brutal DS helped me see things in a different way. I was already good in Quant but this reinforced some concepts for me.

3) The responsive ongoing support of having Zeke answer questions at any time throughout my studies.

I initially studied the GMAT through traditional methods such as reading the princeton review and barrons study guides. I found this to be remarkably average in terms of engagement and effectiveness. Many times I would be studying after a long day of work and the last thing I wanted to do was to crack open a book and read. I took the GMAT pill and did decently enough.

Then, upon doing my research and asking around (a friend actually had taken GMATPill too), I came across the GMAT pill. I was immediately impressed with the depth and breadth of free resources available on the site. Indeed, I felt as if I had gotten a significant amount of value from the various articles, audio interviews, and videos that are freely available on the site. I thought that if the paid GMAT prep was of a similar quality as the freely available material, that perhaps it may be worth it to give it a shot.

I did and never looked back. I find that I learn much better through audio, and especially video tutorials. Zeke's method combines both audio and video in a unique way. Certainly I found it much more engaging than reading the study guides I had previously. The strategies were definitely helpful - I found that I internalized what Zeke was saying to me - in a way that a book could never do for me. Moreover, whenever I had a question about a specific concept or sticking point, I could email Zeke and he would answer it. This is extremely helpful because I'm busy working and pretty much nobody around me is taking the GMAT - I have to go about studying for this exam on my own. So, this kind of ongoing helpfulness is to me in and of itself worth the price of the product.

I took the test again and did significantly better. I believe that the GMAT Pill study method had a good part in the score improvement. Thanks Zeke!
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