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July 16 | 2012

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I've been trying different GMAT materials and have to admit GMAT Pill is realllllly gooooood!!

Here are a few things I was able to do:

- watch videos and use their interactive question platform on any device - including PC/Macs, tablets, smartphones. They even have an iPad app - it's relatively new - but you can download videos and watch them WITHOUT an internet connection. I thought this was super cool.

- Post questions and get responses. They're actually pretty responsive and you can see comments or questions that other people post as well as GMAT Pill's responses.

- Online workbook to automatically keep track of questions you got right or wrong. You can also favorite/flag specific questions for review later. This was helpful for me to review my mistakes.

- Really good Integrated Reasoning videos. I couldn't find much on IR elsewhere and GMAT Pill seems to be the only one that has such a great resource that actually mimics the test interface.

Of course the actual instruction is so much easier to understand than other programs I've looked at. I could easily see the price of this program going up over time. You definitely get a lot more than what you'd expect for the price.
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