Thanks GMAT Pill - I made it to Oxford MBA!
July 16 | 2012

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I had been studying GMAT for a grueling 2 years. I tried everything including Manhattan GMAT's two week intensive course, private lessons, Bell Curves, etc--even got a PhD in linguistics to help me on verbal. All of these resources were good, but I still bombed the test.

I was about to give up but then I heard about GMAT Pill and considered it my last chance before I officially give up and run out of money.

Turns out signing up for the GMAT Pill program was the best thing I ever did. Actually, I should have done that first.

The so-called past perfect, present perfect terms that MGMAT taught me were really unnecessary. After seeing things the GMAT Pill way, I was surprised how easy some of the concepts actually are compared to how frightening they used to seem.

I basically had GMAT Pill almost as a tutor anywhere and anytime. With tutoring, it was hard to get a tutor to come in at 9pm on a weekend. But with this program, I had access to Zeke at any time. If I had a question, I would post it and get a response. You can also see they've responded to tons of other questions in a timely manner.

I didn't get a chance to use the GMAT Pill HD iPad app before my exam, but from what I've heard, it's pretty neat. Wish I had a chance to use it before my test but given my results, I'm quite happy.

I made it to Oxford for my MBA afterall!
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