Pearson Vue -- Seattle, WA USA (Northgate)
January 17 | 2012

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Date of your test:  December 31, 2010   Appointment time:  morning
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This testing center is twice as big as most. They have two big rooms, instead of one like I have seen before. Luckily I was taking a Kaplan practice test, because after one break they took a long time to get me back in, and I was a couple minutes late getting back to the test. When I took the real thing the first time I went here and did not do so well. The snarky guy that handed me my test score said, well you can get into WSU with that score (not a competitive school) and I felt like punching him. Given the size of the testing facility there is a greater possibility that you could have trouble getting back in within the 8 minutes BUT if you come during a time that is not that busy you will be able to get in and out super easy since it is so big.
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