May 25 | 2012

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Date of your test:  May 20, 2011   Appointment time:  afternoon
The reviewer would recommend this test center to others:     Location:  Ahmedabad, India
Well, I had scheduled a GMAT appointment for May 21st, 2012. The test was to start at 2pm but due a 'technical fault', the test started at 2.30pm.

As I started writing AWA, there was huge lag - i typed one sentence on the keyboard and the monitor displayed just a couple of words. I somehow managed to cruise through the AWA section.
As I clicked on the second last question of the Quant Section, the computer hung!!! can you beat that !!
The technical team could NOT fix the glitch. Few moments later, I was informed that I had no option but to reschedule the exam.

I was totally pissed, had a major fracas with the administration team at the center and also, with Pearson' call center folks in Malaysia.

I managed to reschedule the exam on 22ndMay. Thankfully, on 22nd, everything went smoothily and I got 710.

I wouldn't suggest anyone to take the exam at the Ahmedabad center for you might be the next one taking the exam twice.
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