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I first met Christine and Jenny of Marvel Admissions at an MBA women’s conference, while I was researching MBA schools and still considering hiring a consultant for the process. I explained my situation to them- a career switcher, low GMAT score, and dreams of attending a top MBA program. They stood out from the crowd with their compassion and genuine interest in learning more about me, while still exuding a straight-forward, honest approach so I set up a follow-up consultation. The impression they made on me during our consultation confirmed they were the perfect fit for me. They became personally invested in not just my application process, but also my long-term career goals.

From very early on, it became clear to me that hiring Marvel Admissions was one of the best decisions I made throughout my MBA career. After spending a lot of time getting to know me, Christine and Jenny brainstormed and researched careers for me that fit my skill sets, my passions, and ultimately helped me craft a logical career roadmap for my applications. Not only was this in-depth career consulting necessary for the admissions process, but also it was extremely important in preparing me for the real world after grad. school. I was accepted into one of my top choice schools through Marvel’s guidance, received a very sought-after internship during it, and continued to follow the career roadmap they outlined for me, even to this day.

Christine’s and Jenny’s personalized service, dedication, experience, and creative ability to navigate the mysterious world of MBA admissions are the reasons why I would recommend them above any other consulting service on the market.

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