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I worked on my application with Aringo and got admitted to the Tepper MBA (2010).
When I decided to apply for MBA programs I started looking for a consultant and eventually contacted Aringo. I was assigned to an experienced consultant, and although he wasn't an MBA graduate he has done a terrific work on my application. I liked his professionalism, which was represented by the great "milking" sessions for the essays, the diligent work on the resume and the great ideas he had for the recommendations. My consultant was very helpful and resourceful, even questions that he did not know he would ask other professional at Aringo and get back to me ASAP. I also liked the way he prepared me for the interviews and his insistence on going through the little details.
What I liked about Aringo in general was the drive for the little details, the fact that the company is focused on helping the customer at any cost. They really work as a team, combining MBA graduate with consultants who has a background in marketing writing. They have this "round table" strategy, meaning that each consultant can ask for expert opinions at the critical decision points throughout the application process.
I would recommend Aringo to MBA candidates without even thinking twice. I remember looking at my essays and how I was amazed by Aringo’s great work.
The only thing I didn't like so much is the cost. I had financial problems at the time, so it looked like a costly service, but looking back I would say that it was worth it.

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