5 applications, 5 acceptances!
June 18 | 2012

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - got into all
This review is for:   Aringo  Hourly Services   Consultant:  Joy Pincus
A while ago I started the process of preparing applications for universities, with the intention to apply to 5 top schools in Round 1. Thanks to Aringo’s great help, the quick responsiveness and the terrific professional skill, I formulated a strategy and built a “plan of action” within a short period of time. When the interview invitations arrived, Aringo’s help in preparation was also great.

In the end I was accepted to all the universities I wanted (Harvard, Wharton, MIT, Columbia, NYU) including scholarships at Columbia and NYU.

Aringo's help was simply amazing, and I know that without it I would not have gotten to where I did (the year before, when I used a different consulting company, I applied to a number of universities and was rejected from them all.)
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