Indian School of Business Full-time MBA
No. 1 B-school in India
February 02 | 2012

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I believe more Indian students apply to B-school than the students of whole world! And if the classy college comes at home, no one need to leave it's home country for the good option.

Indian School of Business is one of the such college, should I say it is the only one college in India with foreign standards ?

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Hyderabad, city where this college is located and I took that opportunity to visit the campus of the college as few of my friends were studying there.

My friends took me around the campus and I was so delighted to see well maintained campus. It felt like I am in another world or at another country!

I interacted with a member of admission committee. My friends took me the library and what not. I spend almost 2 days at the campus meeting friends and asking their experiences. I had a chance to sit in one of the entrepreneurial class and all I can say is I learnt more in one class than what I knew till date.

At the end I felt like this is the college in India where I should go and where I belong :)
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