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November 27 | 2013

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This review is for:   Kaplan GMAT Advantage Course | Location:   Philadelphia, PA USA | Taught by:  Kevin Missett
I first enrolled in Kaplan’s Advantage On Site in November 2012. I attended the six on site classes and there are two or four additional online classes that you could take. Due to some personal issues, I had to delay my studies and I called Kaplan to freeze my account. Fast forward to July 2013, I restarted my studying and the Kaplan course (I was able to retake all the classes I had attended), as well as the online material. Though the instructor was engaging and had a positive attitude, I felt that the course itself was too generalized and one-size-fit-all. I was not able to pinpoint what areas I needed to work on and in the end, I took the GMAT in Oct 2013 and got a disappointing 590. (Though my CATs ranged from 600 to 670).

One of the most beneficial features of the Kaplan course, though, is that you can schedule to take your practice CATs at the actual Pearson center. Although I did not do very well on the actual GMAT, being able to take the CAT at the testing center took much of the worries and uneasiness away. I took the CATs three times at the Pearson center before I gave the actual exam. That experience had definitely been helpful.

I will be retaking the GMAT but will probably use a different source of study materials.

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