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January 10 | 2012

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The Positives :

1) Very helpful set of people. They reply back to all your queries with a lot of detail and you can expect most responses back within 24 hours. I have got responses on Sunday as well, at times.

2) Online learning works . Their site is adaptive, and it generally throws questions to you which it feels you are weaker on.

3) 50 pt guarantee should work for most. I improved my score by 60 points from 660 to 720. Also I had a balanced score as Knewton focuses equally on Quant and Verbal . I have read that a lopsided high score is inferior to a balanced score with the same total.

4) Although many people feel that Knewtons questions are a rip off of the Official material, this strategy works. They drill the Test Prep Makers strategies into your head, and you are far better off doing questions that are similiar to those that you will see on the exam. The SC in verbal were a breeze, as I could spot most errors with ease.

6) Their Quant Strategy and Verbal strategy sections are excellent. They do significantly improve your skills at choosing the correct answer, or atleast chosing between 2 answers , when you are in doubt.

7) Despite many complaining that Knewton Diagnostic isnt a valid interpretation of your actual ability , the truth is that my final scores are more in line with their tests than the Official Gmatprep. This is also because many GMATPrep problems are already tackled by most of us on this forum or in the Vebal and Quant guides, while practicing.

Again for the money back guarantee , they chose the highest of your two previous scores. Either the Offical GMAT or their diagnostic.. So if you score a 660 on their test and have scored 690 on your actual test , earlier , your money back guarantee is based on your baseline of 690.
They could have very easily selected to use the lower of both scores, or just use their diagnostic for the money back guarantee. The fact that they used thehigher score means that they are confident in their material and techniques, and the overall Knewton product. I feel very comfortable in recommending Knewton to any future candidate looking for a one- two month testprep.

8) Instructors on Knewton are top notch, and the live sessions are fabulous. I attend the classes twice. Once live and once I went through the archives. It definitely helped. On many occasions the TA spent more than 20 minutes with me after class to take me through individual concepts.

9) The guys are value for money. The course isn't expensive, given the fact that they have been offering discounts on most courses off late.

10) Videos of most individual topics , where you are weak, are an excellent way to strengthen your concepts.

11) You cant rewind a live class, but at Knewton you can see at least two archived lessons on each class, with different instructors, and also attend a live class in addition to that.

12) Last but not least, Knewton promises a live Pre MBA class, which will include a live case study discussion with a Harvard Business School professor. This Pre MBA program will be offered free with their already excellent GMAT training package, making it one of the unique combinations in comparison to other GMAT training programs.


1) The Quant sections on Knewton tests are simpler than the actual GMAT. I was able to complete all tests with 5 minutes to spare, but on my actual GMAT I was in a tight spot , trying to rush through the last few questions in Quant. I have read that their GMAT Quant questions are being revised for their CAT's to have them be as tough as those seen in the actual CAT's

Overall Review

Can confidently recommend Knewton to any candidate looking at improving his test score. They deserve a 5/5 . But I'll give them a 4.5, because they can still improve on the Quant practice tests.

Again with their killer money back guarantee , there will be no reason to regret joining Knewton . I can vouch for their program's efficacy.

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