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January 24 | 2012

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I'm just about finished with my 4 month self-paced study program. There are 13 "sessions" and each session has two video classes- one for verbal and one for quant. The verbal videos are approx 60 min and the quant videos are about 80 min. There is a pre and post assessment for each video as well as homework assignments for each. There are also several extra homework assignments and "extra focus lesson" videos that you can take/watch if you are struggling with certain topics. I found this really helpful. There are 6 total CATs to take throughout the course. I have taken three so far and have improved by 50 points.

-Very well organized and easy to navigate.
-Verbal courses are well structured and full of great tips about what to expect on the GMAT with lots of strategies and tips for mastering certain types of questions.
-TONS of practice questions for every topic. It's difficult to do all of them.
-You can take the quizzes and homeworks multiple times to track improvement.

-Since everything on Knewton is online, I expected a lot more features tailored to the user. For example, custom quizzes full of questions that I got wrong on quizzes or homeworks would be nice.
-I also expected to be able to see how difficult a certain question was or the percentage of Knewton users who corrected answered each question. Knewton says all of their questions are "medium difficult to difficult" but I disagree. Many of the questions are MUCH easier than on the GMAT and after doing a lot of Knewton questions, you start to notice slight variations of questions you've already answered in previous sessions. I found the OG questions more difficult than most Knewton question.
-You can't retake questions from your CATs. After you take the CAT, you can only review your answers and the explanations. I would prefer to be able to take the questions I got wrong again but the correct answers are highlighted on on the question when reviewing. It's not possible to go back and take the same test or same question again. This is only true for CAT's- you can take ALL homeworks and quizzes over again. I like that feature.

Overall it's a great course and has given me a lot more confidence about taking the GMAT. I don't think this course was enough to get me 100% where I wanted to be so I will balance this course with Manhattan strategy guides and the OG guide.
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