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February 13 | 2012

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I was thinking of studying for GMAT for almost a year and then one day I signed up for Knewton course at steal away price. I think, it was a right pick.

Pros.: 1. Syllabus and dashboard are set up in a way that makes it easy to track progress.
2. Great explanation to questions. You can email it's service center and it replies promptly.
3. It has 6 Knewton CATs, almost on the same lines as of real GMAT.
4. Overall, Knewton lectures were incredibly helpful to get through the material necessary to be ready for the GMAT. Teachers were definitely enthusiastic about material and often made the material itself more lively offering personal help.

Cons: 1. You can't retake the CATs.
2. Many of the questions are very much easy as per GMAT standard and sometimes non representative of real GMAT. First few classes were very much easy, may be it was to make your base strong.
3. It doesn't have any offline materials or workbooks. Having offline books could have made this course much strong or may be unbeatable!

Final verdict: This is an awesome GMAT course for busy/working people. If you can learn well on online courses, go for it. Online classes are helpful when you can go for the course at your own pace or as according to Knewton schedule. Both ways, it's a win-win situation.
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