April 18 | 2012

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Improvement:  120 Points  |  Verbal:        |  Quant:      
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My first two misguided GMAT attempts resulted in rather pathetic scores of 500 and 540(Q40, V24). I finally realized that I had to strengthen my concepts if I had to improve my score significantly. That’s when I decided to take the Knewton on-demand course, attracted by the 50 point increase or money back deal.
It helped boost my overall score by 120 points to a 660 (Q46, V35). I was thoroughly impressed by the Quant, CR and RC sections of the course and the strategy tips and explanations helped me a lot.

1) Concepts:- Lucid yet complete explanation of all concepts related to the test.
2) Faculty:- Excellent.
3) Format:- Easy to use interface.
4) Study material:- Excellent notes and explanations.
5) Practice tests: Fairly accurate.

1) Practice exercises not up to the mark. Too many questions with similar patterns. Difficulty level low-moderate.
2) SC explanations and structure were not as good as on the other sections.
PS. - Not very sure about response time for clarification of queries as I had not tried it.
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