Great money back guarantee, but questions simply were not up to par
July 06 | 2012

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Having taken another prep course as well as the actual test before signingup for Knewton, I had a pretty good idea what GMAT questions should look like.

Unforunately, the Knewton questions really didn't represent what is ultimately on the test. Many of the questions are very basic, but what bothered me most was that the structure of the questions, the way they were posed, was nowehere near consistent with the actual test. The money back guarantee is great, and completely no hassle, so it might be worth taking a shot to boost your score significantly, but I found having to go through the course more of a hassle than anything else. About 2 classes in I realized that I would much rather be focusing in on my actual weaknesses than having to go through the entire Knewton course to qualify for the money bck guarantee.

In short, this might be a good course if you have no exposure to the GMAT, but if you have any sense of your abilities and what your weaknesses might be, I would highly suggest going another route. There's much better out there.

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