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September 07 | 2012

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Overall, I was pleased with the course as I improved my score 50 points (as promised). The content was relevant and easy to navigate.

My Quant scores on their practice tests were much lower than what I received on the actual GMATs I took...and I've heard this feedback from other users....I think their system intentionally scores this section lower to make good on their guarantee. Verbal seemed pretty accurate.

Below you will find a detailed timeline of my GMAT experience.

Best of luck!


January 15, 2012: Took an official practice test and got a 690 (49Q, 34V)

Jan-Apr: Self-studied. Since I'm a native speaker, I felt as if Verbal was a major opportunity for me, so I focused on that section.

April 28, 2012: Took the official GMAT and got a 680 (49Q, 34V, 6.0 AWA). Tried to schedule a retake before they implemented the new IR section, but no dates were available...

Apr-Jun: Decided to take the Knewton course because of their 50 pt. improvement. guarantee. Spent about 6 weeks to complete the course.

June 16, 2012: Took the official GMAT again and got a 730 (48Q, 42V, 6.0 AWA, 6 IR)

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