An Awesome Course by Knewton
September 09 | 2012

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Knewton's course, in the true sense was an awesome course. It was just that I got really busy in July mid to Aug mid and that affected my score drastically.

Even though I did not see the guaranteed increase in my score, I still strongly recommend this course. Do it not for the sake of the increase in 50 points, but for the sake of gaining grounds for GMAT prep.

Actually, I felt that you do not need any other course if you begin with this course. It has everything to teach you, concepts and also well-placed exercises.
The course is very well setup and takes on pace slowly. There are a total of 13 Lessons which a person has to go through. There is a related pre-test to evaluate your stand before you proceed to Video instructions. The Video instructors are calm and they explain things in much details. If you are patient enough, you will see yourself grasping stuff. After the videos, the concepts are tested in quizzes. Each of the lessons has a concepts such as Algebra and Sentence Correction (one from Quant and one from Verbal). Besides the core concepts (necessary to complete for money-back guarantee), there are several other exercises to do, if someone wants to practice more. You will see mid term tests also. Each quiz gives you a true feedback and brilliant explanations. The full length tests are spread across the 13 lessons.

There is a section which gives a solid feedback on how you are progressing, topic wise. If you are not satisfied by the answers given you can jump to forums for quick reply. Also, if you find forgetting a concept, you can directly click on the link given with your wrong answer.

In my humble opinion, this course was really nice, and I would advice all to take it.

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