October 06 | 2012

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What attracted me to singing up with Knewton was their money back guarantee of a 50+ pt. increase. Plus, there were a LOT of reviews for this course.

Now, I really have a love/hate relationship with Knewton. Prior to taking the course, I had already studied all the MGMAT strategy guides and completed all the problems in the OG 12. So for the more experienced, I don't think their classes really taught me anything particularly new when approaching problems, that I didn't already know from either the books or GMAT forums. What I think helped the most was all the homework and extra practice sets. It just keeps everything fresh in your mind.

I do, however, have a bone to pick with the CATs... Knewton prides itself of building exams very similar to the real thing, having hired a team of people that had worked on the official GMAT test. My question is.. HOW long ago?? Because my exam scores were REALLY weird. I once got a 48 in Quant for getting 3 questions wrong. The 9th, 21st, and 27th questions. IDK it just looks weird when compared to other exams where I've gotten like 8 wrong spread throughout the test and ended up with the same score. Anywho, I scored pretty low on all the CAT exams, the majority UNDER my first official score (660). And this basically show down my self esteem... I was already prepared to hire a tutor because I knew I wouldn't do well on my scheduled exam. It really put me down. When I went to take the GMAT Prep, I scored a 710, which was the only thread of hope I had for scoring as high in the real thing.

In addition, a handful of their quant questions don't load currently... instead of equations, you get some weird ass symbols. And at first I thought it was a weird symbol question, but it was impossible to decipher and I realized it was just either a bug or someone didnt write the code in correctly. This happened twice on the CAT exams as well.

The Reasoning section which went over the IR section was helpful- made me more comfortable about it. I didn't even look at the Essay part, b/c I had gotten a 6 on my previous exam using a template.

In the end, I increased my score by 60pts. And although I'm doubtful if this is entirely attributed to Knewton alone, it was at least partially. And that enough is worth it.

I would def recommend this to people JUST starting out on their GMAT escapades, or someone that's completely lost. But a more advanced class would be recommended for someone that already has a good handle on the GMAT.
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