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January 20 | 2013

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Knewton saved me.

I don't have the $1000+ to put out for a program that may or may not increase my score as much as Knewton promised to. The cost of Knewton's program and that guarantee talked me into using them.

I took my first GMAT in February and got a 550 (30Q 36V). I needed a 650. So, I bought some books and eventually signed up for Knewton. I followed all of the courses, did all of the work and all of the tests but even at the end I wasn't seeing much of an improvement - that is until I took the GMATPrep tests and saw my scores from them being 620 and 660.

Once I got to the test center, I had no idea what to expect as my Knewton scores topped out at around 610 but my GMATPrep scores went up to 660. I ended up getting a 660 (41Q 40V).

I love Knewton. The way this course was delivered was perfect for me. It took a lot of work but there was so much content that you really could figure out how to do just about anything. My quantitative score went up from 30 to 41, I think that in itself is a testament to how effective Knewton is. I also really enjoyed the instructors, they made the course very enjoyable.

I could not recommend Knewton enough. With that guarantee and the price, how could you not at least try it?

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