January 24 | 2012

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Knewton prides itself on being a leader in technology, but all of their videos are not able to be viewed on the IPAD or the Android tablets.
A company at the leading edge of technology should have a work around to Apples stubbornness of not authorizing the ability to install adobe and with the case of the Android tablets, Knewton should develop the ability to make their videos viewable.

It is true that you can view most of their videos on tablets, but if you pay full prices, you should get all of the content that is paid for...tablets weren't developed last week...

Customer service is below average/poor. It took 3 weeks and me emailing 3 different departments for Knewton to tell me that their video is not supported on tablets. This information should be known prior to registration.

Recommend Knewton allowing a 1 week trial period for the reasons stated above....A car dealership allows a test drive before purchasing a car.


I am on session 3 and have enjoyed the content thus far...
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