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March 26 | 2012

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A friend of mine who was studying for the GRE recommended Magoosh, and I couldn't be happier with their service. The reason I found Magoosh so helpful is that the GMAT is all about tips and tricks: without Magoosh, I would never have felt as comfortable with the format of the test and the themes of the questions. The GMAT is unlike any test I have taken before. I just graduated college, so although I will be taking the GMAT again with more math training, Magoosh helped give me a lot of confidence because of the strategies the lessons taught me. Magoosh helped me focus on what was important so I spent more time studying the right areas, and calmed me down so that I spent less time worrying and more time studying.
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1 Created by Yoofi15 on August 19, 2015
That's great! I have the challenge of studying in the right areas...I need help with that