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April 03 | 2012

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I have been using a combination of study materials, but out of all of them I have to say the Magoosh Premium is the best of them all. the pros of this amazing prep course I've seen include the following:

-ability to use the software anywhere, whether it be on a PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, or any other device with internet connection
- breakdown of the topics in the tutorial section
- ability to filter specific topics to work on in the practice section
-being able to track problems answered incorrectly, correctly, and track progress
-the option to flag specific problems in order to take another look at it later
-tutorial videos that were related to the problem after you complete each problem if you feel you need another lesson on that specific topic. tip of advice for watching video; right click on lesson video below the explanation of how to solve the problem and choose option to open in new tab.I found this to be very helpful.
-good stimulator of the real GMAT through the practice portion
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