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April 02 | 2012

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This review is for:   Manhattan GMAT  Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course | Location:   San Jose (Milpitas), CA USA | Taught by:  Ron Purewal
I am very very happy with what MGMAT offers. I just got a 710
and I am satisfied with my score.

My fundamentals were strengthened after taking Ron Purewal's 9 week training, and I then went from 640 to 710 because of
1. the advanced DS + advanced SC workshops from Daniel Patinkin and Emily Sledge,
2. Ron's "Thu with Ron" which they give away for free !!

My confidence got a real boost after the advanced workshops because they teach you how to tackle hard problems and that makes the 600 level questions look easy.

MGMAT offers a complete package and I never looked at any other material - the strategy guides are excellent for strengthening your fundamentals, the instructors are top class, and the customer service is awesome. They really take care of students. I am also glad I got two 180 day extensions for online resources. I took the training months before and wasn't able to take the test immediately, so I had to delay taking the test and those extensions were very valuable.

Trust me ... If you really want to crack that 700 barrier you have to go with MGMAT.

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