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May 07 | 2012

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This review is for:   Manhattan Prep GMAT  Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course | Location:   Anaheim, CA USA | Taught by:  Marc Fienberg
I enrolled in the Manhattan GMAT 9 week prep course and recently took the GMAT. I'm very happy to report that I managed to score a 740 (48 on quant and 42 on verbal). I felt very well prepared after completing the course. I attended all the classes and felt that they were a good supplement to my studying completed outside of the class. I only used the manhattan gmat materials in my preparation. Assuming you put the time in, the materials have everything that you need to score in the +700 range. In addition, Ron's posts were incredibly helpful in improving my performance in the SC.
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1 Created by katiareyes on May 04, 2015
Hi! I'm really happy to hear that, Congratulations. Could you please tell me which of Rob's posts were very helpful for you, I would like to read them. Thank you.