MGMAT have Sentence Correction down to a science
May 14 | 2012

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Improvement:  80 Points  |  Verbal:        |  Quant:      
This review is for:   Manhattan GMAT  Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course | Location:   Chicago-N. LaSalle, IL USA | Taught by:  Keith Blume
I took the 9 week course in downtown Chicago from Jan through March. I took the exam on May 11, 2012 and scored 760 (Q49, V 44). Before the 2nd class, I took the MGMAT online CAT and scored 680. I would attribute most of the 80 point increase to the Sentence Correction concepts covered by Keith in the class and the MGMAT Sentence Correction Strategy Guide.

Another great aspect of the course was the online CAT diagnostic report and the OG Archer - these help you zero in on your weak areas and help improve your time management skills.

I would certainly recommend the course/ prep books to anyone looking to do well on the test.
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