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July 11 | 2012

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This review is for:   Manhattan Prep GMAT  Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course | Location:   Washington, DC USA | Taught by:  Marcus Hedahl
I would recommend the Manhattan GMAT course to anyone.

My score went up over 100 points during the class. I actually had the benefit of having a number of professors, since my main teacher, Marcus Hedard couldn't make it to half of the sessions. They were upfront immediately about the situation, telling all of us that we could receive a refund or switch into a different class if we didn't want multiple teachers. They also gave us a free "700 and up online course" pass, which is usually a couple hundred dollars, for our trouble. It turned out to be completely fine, all of the teachers are equally competant and were all excellent teachers.

From what I've heard about competing classes, Manhattan GMAT definitely seems to be the bset.
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